What a Crazy World

Wow. Ok. Things got a little insane for a month or so… (hazards of being a busy mom I suppose)
So here is the scoop. Halloween was awesome. We had a friend come up to go trick or treating with us and we rode around the city on a hay ride. Hero dressed as Bumblebee, and his girlfriend (Hailey) was Hello Kitty.

Next, we signed up a few months ago for a service called Little Passports. They start off by sending you a tiny suitcase, passport and map. Then each month they send you a information package from a new exciting country. Hero loves it. IMG_1576 2

Then, since the loss of Scarlett, I have been kind of obsessed with these tiny clay babies that I found on Facebook. I finally broke down and asked for them for Christmas, and then ordered a few extras myself. I CANNOT wait for them to get here. Here is a sample of a couple of the ones that should be arriving in a month or so…

Totally sweet. I know.

The next exciting item up for review is our bad dog moment… Molly, our newest rescue, has a tiny touch of separation anxiety when I leave. It took her 30 minutes or less to eat the side of our foot rest. This prompted Eric to go buy a industrial sized crate for her so that our house can stay in one piece.

As we move into November, lets cover Hero’s birthday party. This honestly deserves its own post. For about 6 months I had been telling Hero that after you turn 5 that there are no more “parties”. I wanted to give him a surprise party while he was still young enough that I might be able to pull it off. Let me tell you this is not easy. Hero is a very intelligent and started asking all his friends if they had parties when they turned six. So needless to say, he was mad at me for months. We had his party at a rehab center in town that has an indoor swimming pool. You would think that that would mean that regardless of the weather that we would be able to swim and have an awesome party. No. Our town is in a drought. Stage 5 which is about as bad as it gets. On the day of his party we have the biggest storm I’ve seen all year. According to the center’s rule you can’t swim for 30 minutes after lightning is sighted. I was pretty sure the party was going to be an epic failure… Seriously who has a pool party where all you can do it stare at the pool. It was super. We finally got to swim the last 30 minutes of the party when most of the guests had left. Such is life. We still had fun and he was still surprised. Here are some of the pictures taken by Marla Johnson (Yaya).

Well folks… I think that is enough for tonight. I’ll fill you in more tomorrow.

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