Severe Weather – North Texas

With the all the severe weather that has been charging through North Texas over the past couple weeks, I thought that it would be neat to share a video I stumbled upon on Facebook. It shows a video of the tornado that tore through Wichita Falls in April 1979.

Recently, we have had numerous tornado warnings and countless watches. We have been under a constant flood advisory.

We just bought a house earlier this month, and since we have been in a stage 5 drought for quite some time we didn’t get flood insurance. That was a mistake. However, we were lucky enough to have no flooding in our neighborhood. But, since we had so much rain in such a short time (over 13 inches this month), our poor house has gone from slight settling to needing to have the foundation lifted 3 inches. That’s a lot for a foundation.

The National Weather Service - Norman

National Weather Service via Times Record News

The Wichita River flows through our town, and the areas around the river had mandatory evacuations. In April, this area was almost completely dry. As you can see… now it is not.

Here are some photos taken by Marla Johnson from Just Shoot Me Photography.
This is the difference between 5/21/15 and 5/24/15

Lake Arrowhead- Before and After

So, How’s your weather?