November Updates

Hero had an exciting pie feast for Thanksgiving at school. We had apple, pecan, pumpkin, and cherry. I do believe that pecan that was both of us. It had the perfect pecan to goop ratio. Yum.
I also had to honor of having birthday lunch with Hero. He picked Taco Bell. Blech.

On the day of Hero’s ACTUAL birthday, per his request I put streamers across his door so he could give them a good ninja chop! He was so sleepy though it just turned out to be a silent but deadly… slow motion chop.
[wpvideo JbH9u5d6]

Later in November, we had to rare opportunity to go to WWE for Hero’s birthday…
Let me tell you something. That is a who different type of people who go to those events. There are some interesting folks there. And it was the most FAKE thing I have ever seen. Wow. Just wow. Regardless of all that, Hero still had a lot of fun… for about as long as he does at anything else. 20 minutes. Then he was ready to go. And that’s ok.

So tell me. How was your Thanksgiving? Have you ever watched or been to a WWE “performance”?

See ya tomorrow!