Ready or Not

Ready or not Christmas is coming. I have my tree up (for a couple weeks now), and I do believe I have all my shopping done. No last minute gift buying for me! We have been to a couple different Christmas activities so far this month.
Hero and I added a few new ornaments to our tree to honor Scarlett this year. And we made a cute little robot ornament to add for Hero. I’m pretty happy with our tree!

Hero’s visit to Santa was fun. He was very excited to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. As excited as he was to see the big guy in red, I think that he was just as excited about the reindeer hat that he got afterwards. Stinker.

We had Eric’s family Christmas (without Eric) I was responsible for bringing a couple Chinese Christmas presents. Every year, I always try to have my presents picked first based on appearance. They are either beautifully wrapped or very interesting. This year I opted for interested. I wasn’t picked first, but they were still talked about a good part of the night.

My final update for the night will end with my favorite. Hero’s class gingerbread building party. What a mess! We had icing everywhere. It was so much fun though.