Survey Time

Ok. I’m an overloaded and over extended mom. So, I’m not really that interesting. I play a constant balancing act of scheduling my week. I found this survey here to help do today’s #blogtober post.

50 little things
1.How many pets do you own? 3 Dogs. They are honestly more like family.

2. What’s your least favorite season? I really don’t have a season I would call my least favorite. Spring is pretty with all the flowers (other places, but not the drought stricken area I live it), but it gives me allergies. Summer is just fun, but I hate to sweat. Fall- smells great, but… well I don’t have a con so it is probably my favorite. Winter- I love snow, but I hate being cold.

3. Do you prefer to text or call? Text. Unless you are my Mom. Don’t call me.

4. Morning or night? Morning for alone time. Night for family time.

5. Do you like tacos? I’m from Texas. Yes.

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Introvert

7. What’s your favorite desert? Brownies with peanut butter chips.

8. Do you enjoy walks? Yes. I should probably walk more often

9. Are you a frequent user of Facebook? Yes 🙁

10. Do you watch animated shows still? Shows- rarely with Hero. Movie- Yes!

11. Can you roll your tongue? Yes, Hero calls it Taco Tongue

Taco Tongue

12. What’s your “lucky” number? Sheesh. I don’t really believe in lucky. I guess… 4?

13. Are you scared of anything? Failure. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.

14. Big mac or big whopper? Neither. Buffalo Chicken Tender sandwich from Golden Chick.

15. Do you like to play board games? My favorite is Clue, but it is hard to find other people who like to play it.

16. Are you fond of romantic novels? Romancey Sexy- yes. Romancey Lovey- pass.

17. Fruitloops or cocopops? Fruit Loops. If I wanted chocolate milk then I would drink milk.

18. Would you eat a live spider for one million dollars? Yes. Probably for far less money than that.

19. Are you a heavy drinker? No. I do like my wine though.

20. Would you forgive someone for cheating? Not likely. But lets not find out.

21. Are you superstitious? Apparently more than I thought.

22. Have you seen A Clockwork Orange? Nope. I had never heard of it until I googled it.

23. Do you like to read? Yes, but I use mostly audiobooks now.

24. Are you easily distressed? I’d like to say no, but Eric would probably disagree.

25. Do you believe in aliens? Yes, but not as far as abductions.

26. If you were the last person alive besides one other person you get to chose, who would it be? I can’t make that choice. I love too many people. Outside of family and friends- Daryl Dixon

27. Dogs or cats? Dogs.

28. Are you a grumpy person? grumpy- no. Bitchy- yes

29. What’s something you hate? People that have closed minds

30. Are you a worry wart? OMG yes. Is that a grey hair?

31. Do you like having your picture taken? Not in the least

32. Do you like cotton candy? blech- no.

33. Would you ever use a dating site? Yes, I met Eric on

34. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. Never seen one but I believe in the possibility

35. Rap or pop? If I have a gun to my head and have to choose… pop

36. What’s the weirdest flavor of ice cream you’ve tried? Cotton Candy. See above. Blech

37. Do you like math? Math without letters is fine.

38. Are you the type of person to laugh at others misfortune? Only as a nervous habit.

39. Love or lust? Love

40. Do you remember lyrics easily? Yes. It doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

41. What was/is your favorite school subject? Currently, my favorite class is Special Populations. Its an Eduction class for special education.

42: Do you like tattoos? Yes. I have 2.

43. Are you the type of person to lie? I try not to make a habit of this.

44. Do you eat porridge for breakfast? Is that oatmeal. If yes, then sometimes. Cinnamon and Spice.

45. What music are you listening to right now? No music. Right now, I am KIND OF listening to a physics lecture. Again. Kind of.

46. Are you allergic to anything? Seasonal allergies

47. Do you like Lady Gaga? Some of it.

48. What about Nick Minaj? I don’t think I have ever heard anything by her. If I did I didn’t know it was her. So… no.

49. Do you like rainy days? Yes. We sleep with a noisemaker that is tuned to rainy days. It never rains here.

50. Last question, do you like pie? I’m American. Yes. Peach for me.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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