I recently participated in a mug swap hosted by Kallie@butfirstcoffeeblog. I received my swap partner and emailed her right away. (I have to admit… I got kind of busy so sometime it took me awhile to respond)
My partner, Jenny@thebirklife, told me about herself and shared that she was a fan of many different podcasts. I really didn’t know what to expect from that. When I hear podcast, I automatically thought of stuffy sounding men talking politics. Eww.

I did a little bit more research and asked for her to recommend one. She told me that the one that got her started was called Serial.


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After reading a little about it, I immediately downloaded the whole season.

12 weekly episodes in less than 1 week. So good. I’m hooked. I am already a fan of the audio book from Audible, so why wouldn’t I enjoy this? The narrator, who happens to be a reporter, has a voice that doesn’t grate on the nerves (always a plus).

Did I mention that it is FREE? You can listen to it here. I know its available at least on iTunes.


Do you have any podcasts for me to check out?

2 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. SO GOOD! I finished it in a week before Christmas!

    If you liked the storyline, check out The Jinx on HBO! It’s not a podcast, but it’s similar and the main suspect, Robert Durst, recently got arrested (it’s all over the news).

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