Fitbit vs Pebble Watch

I currently own both of these devices. They both have their Pros and Cons. I have been wearing my pebble watch most of the time, but I recently made the decision to switch back to Fitbit. When I first got Fitbit in December 2013, Eric and I were the only people I knew who had one. We had daily competitions between just us to see who could get the most steps.

I love competition. Eric got bored with it fairly quickly, and I am an extremely forgetful person. I eventually started forgetting to put back on after I would charge it, or if I was “dressing up” I would take it off. In July 2014 we moved and that was that. It got misplaced.

When Eric upgrade his phone, he was able to trade in his old iPhone 5s for store credit. We had enough store credit to be about to purchase two Pebble watches. It does a little bit more than the Fitbit does, but from what I have seen, doesn’t allow for you to link with other people to compete. I also feel like the watch’s face is too big to be comfortably worn all day(in my opinion). I would find myself taking it off to work on the computer because I didn’t have the mobility I wanted. I do like that the Pebble Watch integrates well with the Health app on my iPhone however.

I have been seeing my friends on Facebook talking about the fact that now they all have Fitbits…. Oh yeah!

So alas, I dug through all the shit stuff stored in the garage and found my Fitbit.

If you have a Fitbit and want some friendly competition. Add me!


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I recently participated in a mug swap hosted by Kallie@butfirstcoffeeblog. I received my swap partner and emailed her right away. (I have to admit… I got kind of busy so sometime it took me awhile to respond) My partner, Jenny@thebirklife, … Continue reading

My PaPaw!

I took my favorite picture of my grandfather to a local photography shop (Metro Photo). It was was too large to take to just any photo department to have scanned, because it was a 16 x 20 print. They actually had to scan it in 4 sections then piece it together. I was a tad apprehensive about how that would turnout, but I was pleasantly surprised at the final product.
I am so thankful to have so many great photos of this man. He was such an important part of my life. Ferrell Scarber

Looking forward to Monday?

I am looking forward to Monday.

I can’t believe that I am actually able to type that sentence without shuddering. If the weather doesn’t get too bad, we plan to go to the annual Life Gift Donor Medal Ceremony. Donor-Medal-Ceremony


Since Scarlett was honored last year, we have already received our medal. They will still honor her memory and she will still be included in the ceremony. This also gives me a chance to honor the other families and memories of their loved ones. Should the weather get bad, Life Gift said they would reschedule this ceremony.

In addition to the medal ceremony, we finally received notice that Scarlett’s name was added to the Walk of Honor at Cooks Children’s Hospital. We haven’t been able to see it yet, but Michael Downs (the Chaplain there) was kind enough to email me these photos. If they don’t reschedule the ceremony, we plan on going to see this as well.

I’m sure this day will be super exhausting and stressful, but I will honor her memory in any way I can.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday Survey

Found this survey over here. Thought it would be fun to post today. Give it a shot.

1. How do you feel about golden Oreos?
I like them. I like the peanut butter Oreos better.
2. What is your favorite dessert topping?
Chocolate hard coating.
3. What is your favorite flavor/brand of bubble gum?
I don’t like chewing gum. If I had to chose I would say some kind of mint.
4. Favorite cheese?
Pepper Jack
5. Favorite Lunch Meat?
6. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookies and Cream
7. Best looking food?
A stack pancakes? I guess.
8. Best food to put cheese on?
Besides the normal? Corndogs.
9. Best sexual food?
Long Island Iced Tea
10. Best tasting drink in the summer?
Sweet Tea
11. Best tasting drink in winter?
White Chocolate Mocha
12. Best food for a night out with friends?
Wine. That’s a food group right?
13. Best foods to eat with a roll?
Macaroni and Cheese or Honey
14. Messiest food, in your opinion?
Bone-in wings. Boneless all the way for me.
15. Easiest food to prepare?
Anything is the microwave.
16. Cheapest food you ever ate?
17. Most expensive food you ever ate?
I have no idea
18. Stinkiest food you ever ate?
19. Favorite dipping sauce?
20. Best pizza topping?
21. Favorite potato chip flavor?
Spicy Doritos
22. Most toxic substance you ever ate?
I don’t think I’ve eaten anything toxic.
23. Most calories you ate in one meal?
If I was counting the calories I probably wouldn’t have eaten it.
24. Favorite soda?
Coke… and if you are from Texas I’ll clarify that and say Coca-Cola
25. Favorite flavor of juice?
26. Favorite Vegetable?
Broccoli With cheese.
27. Favorite fruit?
28. Worst canned food?
Potted Meat
29. Best side dish?
Macaroni and cheese
30. Worst fast food restaurant?
SweetBoys Diner. Decent food, but the service was always terrible. I haven’t been there in years!
31. Best restaurant?
Casa Torres in Decatur
32. Best smelling food?
33. Favorite appetizer?
Always queso. Always. Always. Always.
34. Favorite cookie flavor?
Peanut Butter Oreos
35. Favorite cake flavor?
Yellow Cake Chocolate Frosting
36. Favorite pie flavor?
Peach, but all I really like is the crust.
37. Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
38. Ketchup or Mustard?
39. Best food to have on a date?
40. Most share-able food?

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What’s Up Wednesday

What I’m readingWizard’s First Rule (Sword of Truth, Book 1)– This sound nerdy. And I’ll admit that it kind of is. BUT it is so good. I found it from a TV show called Legend of the Seeker.

What I’m watching– Showtime’s Weeds. Its been on my queue to watch on Netflix for months, but never started it. I wish I had sooner because I’ve been marathoning it for a couple days.

What I’m listening to– My high school jam. I always go between Blink 182 and Goo Goo Dolls being my favorite. [youtube]

What’s my goal for the week– to get ALL of my school work for the week done before the weekend so that I can do fun stuff with Hero! Noble right?

What are you up to this week?

Join this link up! I kind improvised cause some of the prompts didn’t fit my Wednesday, but I love the concept.

First Week of School!

Holy crap. This semester is going to be so hard. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with 18 credit hours. So far my favorite class is the class that I thought that I dread.


I have a creative eye, but my execution is usually lacking. The first day of class our lesson was to draw what we see not what we think we see. He had us look aware from our paper and draw our hands. Not the typical tracing of fingers and adding nails. We had to look at our hands and draw all the little individual lines that we see. He instructed us that our final drawing wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) look anything like a hand.

He was right. It didn’t.

Our next class we got to look at our hands and paper when we were drawing. (Still no finger tracing) We had to work on it for 30 minutes straight. I was surprised with as good as it turned out and how quick 30 minutes actually is.


The classes that have me wanting to run for the hills are my online classes. I don’t know why I always think that taking an online class is convenient. I always struggle and ultimately do poorly. I have Educational Psychology and Teaching Strategies Affective Disorders. Should be interesting.

How was your first week? Favorite class?