Lake Binnion

More rain this evening. Yay.

This time the water got all the way up to our back porch. I died a little inside when I opened the back door to check our yard.

Here are some of the pictures from tonight’s storm. I can’t imagine why our house is sinking.

Severe Weather – North Texas

With the all the severe weather that has been charging through North Texas over the past couple weeks, I thought that it would be neat to share a video I stumbled upon on Facebook. It shows a video of the tornado that tore through Wichita Falls in April 1979.

Recently, we have had numerous tornado warnings and countless watches. We have been under a constant flood advisory.

We just bought a house earlier this month, and since we have been in a stage 5 drought for quite some time we didn’t get flood insurance. That was a mistake. However, we were lucky enough to have no flooding in our neighborhood. But, since we had so much rain in such a short time (over 13 inches this month), our poor house has gone from slight settling to needing to have the foundation lifted 3 inches. That’s a lot for a foundation.

The National Weather Service - Norman

National Weather Service via Times Record News

The Wichita River flows through our town, and the areas around the river had mandatory evacuations. In April, this area was almost completely dry. As you can see… now it is not.

Here are some photos taken by Marla Johnson from Just Shoot Me Photography.
This is the difference between 5/21/15 and 5/24/15

Lake Arrowhead- Before and After

So, How’s your weather?

Memorial Monday

So, remember when I promised you pictures from the Medal Ceremony? I kind of kept putting it off because these things are never easy to write. The Medal Ceremony got pushed back further than we originally thought. Instead of the 16th it got pushed to 30th. It was sad (of course). But a different sad than last year. Last year, it was still so fresh. This year, however, I was anxious. When it began, they told us that they would be doing things a bit differently this year than in previous years. So, as we sat there listening to names of people who had been donors in 2014 I began wondering if they would even mention Scarlett. Eric and I kept looking at each other.

This told me he was wondering the same thing.

I shed some tears for some of the families. There were a few families that had lost babies like us. I felt urge to go up to them afterward. But I didn’t. They looked so sad. Seemed odd to try to bond with a family when they were sad like that. So I didn’t.

Looking back, my first time at the ceremony (I had not yet attended a group support meeting) I wished someone would come up to me. I wish I would have had a connection with another mother sooner.

I wish I had talked to that mother that night.

Before we went to the ceremony, we made a stop a Cooks Children’s Hospital. We had been notified that the new plaques had been installed and Scarlett’s name had been added. The Pastoral Care at Cooks Children’s Hospital is phenomenal. They always are quick to find an answer for me and they sent me pictures of the plaques before we could make a trip to come see them. I was not prepared, however, for the beauty of these plaques at night.

We had a feeling that they might light up at night because there are small boxes below them, and I remembered from when we were there with Scarlett that the building itself actually lights up. I remember thinking what a happy looking building. Its weird the things that you remember.

I got lots of pictures of all the colors from every angle I could.  Here are a couple!

Easter Weekend. Late I know.

Well, this post is late. As always. But I had some really cute pictures that I wanted to share. We did find an Easter Bunny over at Lucy Park that was no charge for pictures. It was a little ghetto, but free is free.
He loved it – that’s what matters right?

Last year, Easter was honestly kind of disappointing. Hero wasn’t all that interested in hunting Easter eggs. This year however… He was all about it. It helps that some of the eggs that I hid had money in them. #winning

He is his Daddy’s son.

First we had a really awesome Easter party at his elementary school. They made nests and then added little eggs on them (That is a terrible description I know… you’ll see). Then the parents that attended the festivities were in charge or taking the  eggs spoils and hiding them on the playground. He did complain that the eggs we not well hid enough. He likes a challenge… sometimes. He is a challenge… all the time.

The next day we went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church. They had all sorts of activities like a bounce house, a miniature train ride, music, petting zoo, scooter rides and of course Easter eggs.  Now, I won’t lie to you. I had ulterior motives.

You see, they had eggs, and I needed more eggs for our big hunt the next day. Sadly, Hero is not an aggressive of enough hunter to bring in a big haul so I had to buy more eggs any way. Regardless we had a good time and he didn’t want to leave.

Later that day, we decided that it is time to dye the real Easter eggs. I felt kind of guilty because we’ve never done it before. He thought it was the bee’s knees and I’m sure we will do it every year from here on. We choose to tie dye our eggs. His favorite one he said looked like the stars in the sky. Dyeing them this way takes a lot of time, and 6 year olds don’t devote a lot of time to anything. We dyed the second half normally by blending and layering colors. Hero and I were pleased with the final results.

Easter morning – I found these awesome eggs at Hobby Lobby. I filled them for Hero’s present from the Easter Bunny. It was cute, but a terrible idea. They are big and they hold a lot of crap. More than what he would normally receive for a holiday that isn’t Christmas. It was still fun.

Around 1pm, Hero’s Grandma Janice came to visit on her way out of town. We hid the eggs so she could watch him hunt. Hero gave us a show. He has this weird fear of getting his shoes muddy (even with permission). It had sprinkled a little during the night so he was tip-toeing around the sideway eyeing the eggs in the middle of yard and trying to figure out a way to get to them without stepping foot in the wet grass. I lured him out by racing him to eggs. It took him forever to find the golden eggs that contained the money and when he did there was never a boy that was more happy in the world.

I would like to say that this was the last hunt we did that day, but its not. That night we went to Eric’s aunt and uncle’s house for a family cookout and hunted again with the rest of the kids in the family. But since I am a bad blogger, I didn’t get any pictures of that hunt.

Even though this is late, what did you do for Easter? Favorite method for dyeing Easter eggs?

National Siblings Day

Since April 10th is National Siblings Day, I thought that I would share a couple photos of my favorites sets of siblings.
First set being the one set that has little ol’ me! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am the baby of the family. I was born well after my two sisters because my beautiful mother was told that she couldn’t have children anymore.
Apparently they were wrong, because 14 short years later she found out she was carrying the prodigal child later to be named Sara.

*ahem* Please hold all applause until the end of the post. Thank you.

Now most of these pictures are of my sister, because if you are on my blog then you probably have seen me. If not, I have included a few snapshots, and you can also refer to the top of the page to see my gleaming face there.

Moving on, These are a few more sets of siblings that I thought that needed to be mentioned. In no particular order.

Judy Bannister and Yvonne Waggoner – The sisters formerly known as Judy and Yvonne Scarber. These are my (and my sister’s) Mom and Aunt. These two women are great example of how sisters are supposed to love each other. They fight, yes. But they also laugh, and they can depend on each other. We all have natural tones of red in our hair and Scarber blood flows through all of our veins.

So stubbornness and quick tempers come natural to all decedents of blood lines.

The next dynamic duo contains Jason and Derek Waggoner. Sons of Yvonne (see above) and Gene Waggoner. From stories I have heard about these two growing up… I’m surprised my Aunt Von has any sanity left at all. They grew up to be even bigger, peskier sons, but I know as much as she makes a fuss that she loved every minute of it. She was not the only one subjected to their tricks. My sisters and my mom were both privy to them, but they were all in good fun.

Last – but not certainly not least. I need to include a section about my best friend and her brother. Kayla, in the past couple months, has made me reevaluate my own relationship with my sisters. The love she has for her brother is palpable. It radiates and is infectious. I never actually met Jay Patrick, but through her stories I feel like I do. I feel like I would truly be doing a disservice to National Siblings Day if this pair didn’t get honored.

Frames of Mind

I came across this quote whilst doing my homework for my Educational Psychology class, and it really hit home. I thought I would share it with you guys.

“I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. I want them to understand it so that they will be positioned to make it a better place. Knowledge is not the same is morality, but we need to understand if we are to avoid past mistakes and move in productive directions. An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do… Ultimately, we must synthesize our understandings for ourselves. The performance of understanding that try matters are the ones we carry out as human beings in an imperfect world which we can affect for good or for ill.”
-Howard Gardner 1999

Open Mind

Photo Credit: Christian Weidinger

I found this inspiring. What do you think?

Is this the career for me?

Sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice in careers. It is not often, but sometimes. Taking 18 hours in college this semester has been a test and has been quite challenging. For those of you who do not know, I am going for my bachelors in Special Education.

Then there are little clues that show me that I am heading in the right direction.

  • I do mentoring (I’ll be honest – it started as an assignment for school) at a low-income school here in our town with two girls (5th and 6th grade) that are considered to at-risk and have had some behavior problems. I love it. I really look forward to going and I plan on sticking with them as long as I can. Even after the school assignment is finished.
  • I am involved in a program called Read2Learn. I started doing this one all on my own. I read once a week with two girls in the 2nd grade. I love the way they are always so happy to see me, and I love watching them progress and move up in their levels.
  • I genuinely care about kids. All kids. Good kids. Bad kids. I want them all. Every time we learn about a new disability in class it renews my passion for this career.
  • I cry in TV shows when a child thinks of their disability as more of an ability. That is something that I have always thought was important to teach. I never let Hero focus on what he can’t do and encourage him to do what he can. Parenthood was the most recent tear-jerker for me.

  • In one of my classes this semester, they showed us a TED talk by Rita Pierson. I swear I was the only one sitting in the back and I was bawling. (Which I don’t get since I was in a room full of future teachers.) It was so good. I can just imagine she is such a fantastic teacher.

I hope to be like a great teacher like her some day. But my one fear is that I am may be too soft for this job. Will I be a statistic and get burned out in the first 5 years? That is a worry for me.

I might care too much. Is that possible?

How did you know that your career was the right career for you?


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