National Siblings Day

Since April 10th is National Siblings Day, I thought that I would share a couple photos of my favorites sets of siblings.
First set being the one set that has little ol’ me! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am the baby of the family. I was born well after my two sisters because my beautiful mother was told that she couldn’t have children anymore.
Apparently they were wrong, because 14 short years later she found out she was carrying the prodigal child later to be named Sara.

*ahem* Please hold all applause until the end of the post. Thank you.

Now most of these pictures are of my sister, because if you are on my blog then you probably have seen me. If not, I have included a few snapshots, and you can also refer to the top of the page to see my gleaming face there.

Moving on, These are a few more sets of siblings that I thought that needed to be mentioned. In no particular order.

Judy Bannister and Yvonne Waggoner – The sisters formerly known as Judy and Yvonne Scarber. These are my (and my sister’s) Mom and Aunt. These two women are great example of how sisters are supposed to love each other. They fight, yes. But they also laugh, and they can depend on each other. We all have natural tones of red in our hair and Scarber blood flows through all of our veins.

So stubbornness and quick tempers come natural to all decedents of blood lines.

The next dynamic duo contains Jason and Derek Waggoner. Sons of Yvonne (see above) and Gene Waggoner. From stories I have heard about these two growing up… I’m surprised my Aunt Von has any sanity left at all. They grew up to be even bigger, peskier sons, but I know as much as she makes a fuss that she loved every minute of it. She was not the only one subjected to their tricks. My sisters and my mom were both privy to them, but they were all in good fun.

Last – but not certainly not least. I need to include a section about my best friend and her brother. Kayla, in the past couple months, has made me reevaluate my own relationship with my sisters. The love she has for her brother is palpable. It radiates and is infectious. I never actually met Jay Patrick, but through her stories I feel like I do. I feel like I would truly be doing a disservice to National Siblings Day if this pair didn’t get honored.

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