My Grandfather

My grandfather, Ferrell Scarber, passed away last Thursday. I don’t know why it came as a shock to me. It shouldn’t have. He was 88 (Or as my Uncle puts it 88+), and in a nursing home. He hasn’t been the grandfather that I knew for several years due to  some kind of dementia, but I loved him just the same. He was the constant male role model in my life. My own father, like many other fathers, split when I was young. This left my mom to play to the role of mother and father, and she did. And well. But luckily, I have the most caring family a girl could ask for because I NEVER felt unloved or unwanted.

My Grandfather spoiled me rotten, and taught me numerous valuable life lessons. Some of those I learned from stories, and some of those from tricks he played on my sisters and cousins. He taught how to work hard and the exactly how much that hard work is worth.

I don’t think that my Grandfather ever took a day off in his life. He worked in the grocery industry for over 60 years. He even opened his own grocery store in Fort Worth called Grandys. He joined the Navy (much too young) and fought for his country during WWII. He participated in Iwo Jima on the the USS Deuel shuttling back an forth soldiers aboard higgins boats.


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He also participated in operations in Okinawa, operation Magic Carpet and was present for the signing of the Empire of Japan to the Allied Forces. After the war was over, he was honorably discharged and sent back to Norman, Oklahoma. You can find his full military record here. He made his way back to Fort Worth where he meet and married my Grandmother, and they were married for over 50 years.

If I live half as full of a life as this man and woman then there will be no complaints here.

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