Molly Bear

Now starts the long grueling wait for a Molly Bear. It’s been almost 15 months since we lost Scarlett and I have wavered whether or not to get a Molly Bear. This month I decided as a birthday present to myself I would. They only open the wait list up for 1 day (on the 30th) and only take the 200 entries. So I set my alarm and waited for 10 EST.
For those not familiar with Molly Bears, they are a non profit organization that makes teddy bears that weigh the same amount as your baby. The current wait time is about 4 months, but I’ve read that it has taken some moms as long as 15 months to receive their bear.


One thought on “Molly Bear

  1. There will be a little wait……but the bear will be forever! You will love and enjoy her. When you need a little hug, just hug that bear. I think it is a beautiful gift. One that you can share with your family. Love you kiddo….aunt b

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