Looking forward to Monday?

I am looking forward to Monday.

I can’t believe that I am actually able to type that sentence without shuddering. If the weather doesn’t get too bad, we plan to go to the annual Life Gift Donor Medal Ceremony. Donor-Medal-Ceremony


Since Scarlett was honored last year, we have already received our medal. They will still honor her memory and she will still be included in the ceremony. This also gives me a chance to honor the other families and memories of their loved ones. Should the weather get bad, Life Gift said they would reschedule this ceremony.

In addition to the medal ceremony, we finally received notice that Scarlett’s name was added to the Walk of Honor at Cooks Children’s Hospital. We haven’t been able to see it yet, but Michael Downs (the Chaplain there) was kind enough to email me these photos. If they don’t reschedule the ceremony, we plan on going to see this as well.

I’m sure this day will be super exhausting and stressful, but I will honor her memory in any way I can.

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  1. I will forever remember this little girl….I never met her but she has touched my heart and life in so many ways. When I come visit in May I’d like to go visit this place, if that’s okay with you. I pray for decent weather and for you, your own heart, Eric’s and Heros. God Bless.

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