Fitbit vs Pebble Watch

I currently own both of these devices. They both have their Pros and Cons. I have been wearing my pebble watch most of the time, but I recently made the decision to switch back to Fitbit. When I first got Fitbit in December 2013, Eric and I were the only people I knew who had one. We had daily competitions between just us to see who could get the most steps.

I love competition. Eric got bored with it fairly quickly, and I am an extremely forgetful person. I eventually started forgetting to put back on after I would charge it, or if I was “dressing up” I would take it off. In July 2014 we moved and that was that. It got misplaced.

When Eric upgrade his phone, he was able to trade in his old iPhone 5s for store credit. We had enough store credit to be about to purchase two Pebble watches. It does a little bit more than the Fitbit does, but from what I have seen, doesn’t allow for you to link with other people to compete. I also feel like the watch’s face is too big to be comfortably worn all day(in my opinion). I would find myself taking it off to work on the computer because I didn’t have the mobility I wanted. I do like that the Pebble Watch integrates well with the Health app on my iPhone however.

I have been seeing my friends on Facebook talking about the fact that now they all have Fitbits…. Oh yeah!

So alas, I dug through all the shit stuff stored in the garage and found my Fitbit.

If you have a Fitbit and want some friendly competition. Add me!


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