First Week of School!

Holy crap. This semester is going to be so hard. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with 18 credit hours. So far my favorite class is the class that I thought that I dread.


I have a creative eye, but my execution is usually lacking. The first day of class our lesson was to draw what we see not what we think we see. He had us look aware from our paper and draw our hands. Not the typical tracing of fingers and adding nails. We had to look at our hands and draw all the little individual lines that we see. He instructed us that our final drawing wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) look anything like a hand.

He was right. It didn’t.

Our next class we got to look at our hands and paper when we were drawing. (Still no finger tracing) We had to work on it for 30 minutes straight. I was surprised with as good as it turned out and how quick 30 minutes actually is.


The classes that have me wanting to run for the hills are my online classes. I don’t know why I always think that taking an online class is convenient. I always struggle and ultimately do poorly. I have Educational Psychology and Teaching Strategies Affective Disorders. Should be interesting.

How was your first week? Favorite class?

3 thoughts on “First Week of School!

  1. I’m sitting here filling out my application for an alternative masters program in our area. So hopefully around May I’ll be able to talk about my first week of class. Art was never my strong point. History is my niche. Online classes are my least favorite too. I’ve done a few and I found them to be the most stressful. Good luck wit the rest of your year! I know you can make it through this!

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