Family Fun Time

So, I opted out of Sunday’s #blogtober14. We had an amazing weekend that I thought I would share with you instead.
During the day, on Saturday, we went to a giant hill (seemed like a mountain) to climb. From the top of it you can see a good portion of the town and it overlooks (what used to be) Wichita Lake. If you aren’t from here then you might not know that Wichita Falls is in a terrible drought. Stage 5. The view from atop the hill/mountain was beautiful but heartbreaking. The dark spots in the distance used to be Lake Wichita. Now it is probably about the size of a large pond.

Saturday night we all went to Zombie Crawl 2014, which is a local 5k that our city REALLY commits to. Its pretty awesome just to go look at people. They close down most of the city blocks downtown so that they can hold this event. Its huge. Eric volunteered to video the event, so me and Hero ventured off on our own. He protected me with his sword.

On Sunday, we traveled to Bowie to see my family, and so that Jake could mow the land out there. We never go the mower to run so we mostly just ate lunch and had run. We got some really good pictures blowing bubbles. I swear, I’m not biased at all, but we have the most beautiful son. Ever.

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