Easter Weekend. Late I know.

Well, this post is late. As always. But I had some really cute pictures that I wanted to share. We did find an Easter Bunny over at Lucy Park that was no charge for pictures. It was a little ghetto, but free is free.
He loved it – that’s what matters right?

Last year, Easter was honestly kind of disappointing. Hero wasn’t all that interested in hunting Easter eggs. This year however… He was all about it. It helps that some of the eggs that I hid had money in them. #winning

He is his Daddy’s son.

First we had a really awesome Easter party at his elementary school. They made nests and then added little eggs on them (That is a terrible description I know… you’ll see). Then the parents that attended the festivities were in charge or taking the  eggs spoils and hiding them on the playground. He did complain that the eggs we not well hid enough. He likes a challenge… sometimes. He is a challenge… all the time.

The next day we went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church. They had all sorts of activities like a bounce house, a miniature train ride, music, petting zoo, scooter rides and of course Easter eggs.  Now, I won’t lie to you. I had ulterior motives.

You see, they had eggs, and I needed more eggs for our big hunt the next day. Sadly, Hero is not an aggressive of enough hunter to bring in a big haul so I had to buy more eggs any way. Regardless we had a good time and he didn’t want to leave.

Later that day, we decided that it is time to dye the real Easter eggs. I felt kind of guilty because we’ve never done it before. He thought it was the bee’s knees and I’m sure we will do it every year from here on. We choose to tie dye our eggs. His favorite one he said looked like the stars in the sky. Dyeing them this way takes a lot of time, and 6 year olds don’t devote a lot of time to anything. We dyed the second half normally by blending and layering colors. Hero and I were pleased with the final results.

Easter morning – I found these awesome eggs at Hobby Lobby. I filled them for Hero’s present from the Easter Bunny. It was cute, but a terrible idea. They are big and they hold a lot of crap. More than what he would normally receive for a holiday that isn’t Christmas. It was still fun.

Around 1pm, Hero’s Grandma Janice came to visit on her way out of town. We hid the eggs so she could watch him hunt. Hero gave us a show. He has this weird fear of getting his shoes muddy (even with permission). It had sprinkled a little during the night so he was tip-toeing around the sideway eyeing the eggs in the middle of yard and trying to figure out a way to get to them without stepping foot in the wet grass. I lured him out by racing him to eggs. It took him forever to find the golden eggs that contained the money and when he did there was never a boy that was more happy in the world.

I would like to say that this was the last hunt we did that day, but its not. That night we went to Eric’s aunt and uncle’s house for a family cookout and hunted again with the rest of the kids in the family. But since I am a bad blogger, I didn’t get any pictures of that hunt.

Even though this is late, what did you do for Easter? Favorite method for dyeing Easter eggs?

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