Dream Vacation- Ireland

Since I am new at this and still trying to find my footing I thought that I would join a link up party to get me in the habit of blogging. I found one done by The Daily Tay and Helene In Between called #BLOGTOBER.

Helene in Between Blogtober

They present blog topics that you can follow, and the idea is to blog everyday in October. Since I am a late starter, my goal will be to blog everyday for the rest of October.

Today’s blog prompt is Dream Vacation. Oddly enough, Eric and I were just talking about what vacation we would like to take this December. Our vacation will not be nearly as glamour as the vacation I will dream up for this post, but we’ll have Hero so we’ll make lots of priceless memories.

My dream vacation would be to Ireland. I would love to show Hero the world has more to offer then the commercial products and locations. Yes, we WILL take him to Disney world. I want to show him that memories gained from breathtaking landscapes and historical sites will last much longer and he’ll treasure them for the rest of this life.

I want to show him that castles are real. They don’t just exist on TV or in the stories we read.
I want to show him how green nature is supposed to be (if you don’t know we live in an area that is currently experiencing a terrible drought).
I want to show him natural beauty in the world.

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