Five Children’s Books for Kids with Disabilities

At MSU last semester, I signed up to be a member of the Student Chapter of the Council of Exceptional Children. We did some fundraising to pay for our group to be able to go to the Texas division’s annual conference. I attended a session given by Dr. Donna McCrary. She gave a lecture over the importance in literature in children with disabilities. She gave recommendations for books where the character has some kind of disability. She states that stories are a natural way to learn and picture books have an intrinsic appeal.

Literacy brings liberty. Without providing students with disabilities access to the written word, we deny them the world.
-June Downing

Here are some of the books that she shared in her session.


This book is a picture board book that shows babies and toddlers with Down Syndrome discovering their world.
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.38.47 PM

I Can, Can You? by Marjorie W. Pitzer

Mandy is a book targeted a elementary age children. I tells the story of a deaf child searching the woods who is determined to find the silver pin that her grandmother gave her.

Mandy by Barbara D. Booth

My brother Charlie is a “a heartwarming story about a boy who happens to be autistic, based on Holly’s son, who has autism.”
My brother charlie

My Brother Charlie by Holly and Ryan Peete

The Black Book of Colors “is a innovative title invites readers to imagine living without sight through remarkable illustrations done with raised lines and descriptions of colors based on imagery.” It features braille letters to help sighted reader see the world in a new way.
the black book of colors

The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin

Our last book is a book that even children without disabilities could relate to. It is called Don’t Laugh at Me. It is geared for elementary aged children and urges children to think twice about bullying. This book also comes with a song about bullying on CD.
Don't Laugh at me

Don’t Laugh at Me by Steve Seskin

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Do you know any children who could benefit from these books or if you have any to add? I’d love to see them!

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  1. I love how books can make us feel so connected! I love to find a book where I really connect with a character so this is awesome to have books for kids with disabilities!

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