Easter Weekend. Late I know.

Well, this post is late. As always. But I had some really cute pictures that I wanted to share. We did find an Easter Bunny over at Lucy Park that was no charge for pictures. It was a little ghetto, but free is free.
He loved it – that’s what matters right?

Last year, Easter was honestly kind of disappointing. Hero wasn’t all that interested in hunting Easter eggs. This year however… He was all about it. It helps that some of the eggs that I hid had money in them. #winning

He is his Daddy’s son.

First we had a really awesome Easter party at his elementary school. They made nests and then added little eggs on them (That is a terrible description I know… you’ll see). Then the parents that attended the festivities were in charge or taking the  eggs spoils and hiding them on the playground. He did complain that the eggs we not well hid enough. He likes a challenge… sometimes. He is a challenge… all the time.

The next day we went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church. They had all sorts of activities like a bounce house, a miniature train ride, music, petting zoo, scooter rides and of course Easter eggs.  Now, I won’t lie to you. I had ulterior motives.

You see, they had eggs, and I needed more eggs for our big hunt the next day. Sadly, Hero is not an aggressive of enough hunter to bring in a big haul so I had to buy more eggs any way. Regardless we had a good time and he didn’t want to leave.

Later that day, we decided that it is time to dye the real Easter eggs. I felt kind of guilty because we’ve never done it before. He thought it was the bee’s knees and I’m sure we will do it every year from here on. We choose to tie dye our eggs. His favorite one he said looked like the stars in the sky. Dyeing them this way takes a lot of time, and 6 year olds don’t devote a lot of time to anything. We dyed the second half normally by blending and layering colors. Hero and I were pleased with the final results.

Easter morning – I found these awesome eggs at Hobby Lobby. I filled them for Hero’s present from the Easter Bunny. It was cute, but a terrible idea. They are big and they hold a lot of crap. More than what he would normally receive for a holiday that isn’t Christmas. It was still fun.

Around 1pm, Hero’s Grandma Janice came to visit on her way out of town. We hid the eggs so she could watch him hunt. Hero gave us a show. He has this weird fear of getting his shoes muddy (even with permission). It had sprinkled a little during the night so he was tip-toeing around the sideway eyeing the eggs in the middle of yard and trying to figure out a way to get to them without stepping foot in the wet grass. I lured him out by racing him to eggs. It took him forever to find the golden eggs that contained the money and when he did there was never a boy that was more happy in the world.

I would like to say that this was the last hunt we did that day, but its not. That night we went to Eric’s aunt and uncle’s house for a family cookout and hunted again with the rest of the kids in the family. But since I am a bad blogger, I didn’t get any pictures of that hunt.

Even though this is late, what did you do for Easter? Favorite method for dyeing Easter eggs?

National Siblings Day

Since April 10th is National Siblings Day, I thought that I would share a couple photos of my favorites sets of siblings.
First set being the one set that has little ol’ me! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am the baby of the family. I was born well after my two sisters because my beautiful mother was told that she couldn’t have children anymore.
Apparently they were wrong, because 14 short years later she found out she was carrying the prodigal child later to be named Sara.

*ahem* Please hold all applause until the end of the post. Thank you.

Now most of these pictures are of my sister, because if you are on my blog then you probably have seen me. If not, I have included a few snapshots, and you can also refer to the top of the page to see my gleaming face there.

Moving on, These are a few more sets of siblings that I thought that needed to be mentioned. In no particular order.

Judy Bannister and Yvonne Waggoner – The sisters formerly known as Judy and Yvonne Scarber. These are my (and my sister’s) Mom and Aunt. These two women are great example of how sisters are supposed to love each other. They fight, yes. But they also laugh, and they can depend on each other. We all have natural tones of red in our hair and Scarber blood flows through all of our veins.

So stubbornness and quick tempers come natural to all decedents of blood lines.

The next dynamic duo contains Jason and Derek Waggoner. Sons of Yvonne (see above) and Gene Waggoner. From stories I have heard about these two growing up… I’m surprised my Aunt Von has any sanity left at all. They grew up to be even bigger, peskier sons, but I know as much as she makes a fuss that she loved every minute of it. She was not the only one subjected to their tricks. My sisters and my mom were both privy to them, but they were all in good fun.

Last – but not certainly not least. I need to include a section about my best friend and her brother. Kayla, in the past couple months, has made me reevaluate my own relationship with my sisters. The love she has for her brother is palpable. It radiates and is infectious. I never actually met Jay Patrick, but through her stories I feel like I do. I feel like I would truly be doing a disservice to National Siblings Day if this pair didn’t get honored.

My PaPaw!

I took my favorite picture of my grandfather to a local photography shop (Metro Photo). It was was too large to take to just any photo department to have scanned, because it was a 16 x 20 print. They actually had to scan it in 4 sections then piece it together. I was a tad apprehensive about how that would turnout, but I was pleasantly surprised at the final product.
I am so thankful to have so many great photos of this man. He was such an important part of my life. Ferrell Scarber

My Grandfather

My grandfather, Ferrell Scarber, passed away last Thursday. I don’t know why it came as a shock to me. It shouldn’t have. He was 88 (Or as my Uncle puts it 88+), and in a nursing home. He hasn’t been the grandfather that I knew for several years due to  some kind of dementia, but I loved him just the same. He was the constant male role model in my life. My own father, like many other fathers, split when I was young. This left my mom to play to the role of mother and father, and she did. And well. But luckily, I have the most caring family a girl could ask for because I NEVER felt unloved or unwanted.

My Grandfather spoiled me rotten, and taught me numerous valuable life lessons. Some of those I learned from stories, and some of those from tricks he played on my sisters and cousins. He taught how to work hard and the exactly how much that hard work is worth.

I don’t think that my Grandfather ever took a day off in his life. He worked in the grocery industry for over 60 years. He even opened his own grocery store in Fort Worth called Grandys. He joined the Navy (much too young) and fought for his country during WWII. He participated in Iwo Jima on the the USS Deuel shuttling back an forth soldiers aboard higgins boats.


Image Source

He also participated in operations in Okinawa, operation Magic Carpet and was present for the signing of the Empire of Japan to the Allied Forces. After the war was over, he was honorably discharged and sent back to Norman, Oklahoma. You can find his full military record here. He made his way back to Fort Worth where he meet and married my Grandmother, and they were married for over 50 years.

If I live half as full of a life as this man and woman then there will be no complaints here.

What a Crazy World

Wow. Ok. Things got a little insane for a month or so… (hazards of being a busy mom I suppose)
So here is the scoop. Halloween was awesome. We had a friend come up to go trick or treating with us and we rode around the city on a hay ride. Hero dressed as Bumblebee, and his girlfriend (Hailey) was Hello Kitty.

Next, we signed up a few months ago for a service called Little Passports. They start off by sending you a tiny suitcase, passport and map. Then each month they send you a information package from a new exciting country. Hero loves it. IMG_1576 2

Then, since the loss of Scarlett, I have been kind of obsessed with these tiny clay babies that I found on Facebook. I finally broke down and asked for them for Christmas, and then ordered a few extras myself. I CANNOT wait for them to get here. Here is a sample of a couple of the ones that should be arriving in a month or so…

Totally sweet. I know.

The next exciting item up for review is our bad dog moment… Molly, our newest rescue, has a tiny touch of separation anxiety when I leave. It took her 30 minutes or less to eat the side of our foot rest. This prompted Eric to go buy a industrial sized crate for her so that our house can stay in one piece.

As we move into November, lets cover Hero’s birthday party. This honestly deserves its own post. For about 6 months I had been telling Hero that after you turn 5 that there are no more “parties”. I wanted to give him a surprise party while he was still young enough that I might be able to pull it off. Let me tell you this is not easy. Hero is a very intelligent and started asking all his friends if they had parties when they turned six. So needless to say, he was mad at me for months. We had his party at a rehab center in town that has an indoor swimming pool. You would think that that would mean that regardless of the weather that we would be able to swim and have an awesome party. No. Our town is in a drought. Stage 5 which is about as bad as it gets. On the day of his party we have the biggest storm I’ve seen all year. According to the center’s rule you can’t swim for 30 minutes after lightning is sighted. I was pretty sure the party was going to be an epic failure… Seriously who has a pool party where all you can do it stare at the pool. It was super. We finally got to swim the last 30 minutes of the party when most of the guests had left. Such is life. We still had fun and he was still surprised. Here are some of the pictures taken by Marla Johnson (Yaya).

Well folks… I think that is enough for tonight. I’ll fill you in more tomorrow.


So , everyday I get a quote in an email from the Thoughtful Mind. Today’s quote was about diversity.
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.12.03 AM

I am lucky to have a family that always taught me to be accepting of everyone’s looks and lifestyles.
Children are not born with the hatred of others. It is a learned behavior. I have no intention of Hero ever learning that behavior.