Is this the career for me?

Sometimes I wonder if I am making the right choice in careers. It is not often, but sometimes. Taking 18 hours in college this semester has been a test and has been quite challenging. For those of you who do not know, I am going for my bachelors in Special Education.

Then there are little clues that show me that I am heading in the right direction.

  • I do mentoring (I’ll be honest – it started as an assignment for school) at a low-income school here in our town with two girls (5th and 6th grade) that are considered to at-risk and have had some behavior problems. I love it. I really look forward to going and I plan on sticking with them as long as I can. Even after the school assignment is finished.
  • I am involved in a program called Read2Learn. I started doing this one all on my own. I read once a week with two girls in the 2nd grade. I love the way they are always so happy to see me, and I love watching them progress and move up in their levels.
  • I genuinely care about kids. All kids. Good kids. Bad kids. I want them all. Every time we learn about a new disability in class it renews my passion for this career.
  • I cry in TV shows when a child thinks of their disability as more of an ability. That is something that I have always thought was important to teach. I never let Hero focus on what he can’t do and encourage him to do what he can. Parenthood was the most recent tear-jerker for me.

  • In one of my classes this semester, they showed us a TED talk by Rita Pierson. I swear I was the only one sitting in the back and I was bawling. (Which I don’t get since I was in a room full of future teachers.) It was so good. I can just imagine she is such a fantastic teacher.

I hope to be like a great teacher like her some day. But my one fear is that I am may be too soft for this job. Will I be a statistic and get burned out in the first 5 years? That is a worry for me.

I might care too much. Is that possible?

How did you know that your career was the right career for you?


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One thought on “Is this the career for me?

  1. The fact that u r worried bout 5 years from now and if u r doing right….means keep on trucking…u r on the right road. U allready have Hero and those 2 girls that u have touched their hearts and minds. Just remember sometimes its when u dont think u r helping a child..u r. One of my teachers that I still remember and thank was the 1 who said her goal was 2 get me out of her class….made me try harder and remember her most. U will…and allready have…..made a great teacher and parent. Love ya

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