Always in my Heart

To start off my blog, I would like to introduce you to a group of women that you have you in area (wherever you live) that you probably don’t know about. These women are the women who have lost a child under the age of one. You never find out about these women until, heaven forbid, experience a loss of your own. Our daughter, Scarlett, passed after 4 days of life on 10/14/13. It took me an entire year to decide to go to a support group, but with her birthday creeping up on me I felt it was time to finally start trying to heal. I attended a meeting at a local group here called MEND. And to my disbelief, it actually helped. I was able to network and talk to other mothers who have experienced the same heartbreaking loss as me. We all have different stories, but we all have the same pain.
Together with a couple other mothers, who have become some of my dearest friends, we decided that we were going to honor our babies, and break the silence. In just 2 short weeks we organized a memory walk titled Always in my Heart. We had 2 different news crews show up and about 50 people came out to support the cause. It was held at a park and we had a memory walk up to some waterfalls. Once we reached the waterfalls, we released balloons with messages and contact tags. These tags allowed those who found the balloons to email the group to let us know how far the balloons traveled.

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